School life

Introduction of Campus Life

Our school has not only good facilities and equipment but also good life support system for students' satisfying school life at our school.


Our school is located in close to the city of Fukuoka prefecture, which takes only about 7 minutes from the downtown by train. Also, approximately 900 international students study Japanese, so you might feel like studying in another country and enjoy international exchange. In addition, there is a cafeteria in 1st floor which is the shared space with International Contribution College. You can always see student's smile and feel their energy.

Floor map of facilities and equipment

Floor map of facilities and equipment


information desk


staff room


School dormitory - Sirius kaikan -

School dormitory "Sirius Kaikan." It is located within 10 minutes by bicycle to school and there are bus stops and convenience stores around there.

dormitory exterior

dormitory information

Life support

We have support system such as below.

Part-time job

International students can do part-time job within 28 hours a week.
Senior students of this school have a lot of kinds of part-time jobs.
The good points of having part-time job are not only to get money but also to communicate with Japanese people and learn about Japanese society.
There are staffs who work only for part-time job in this school.、
They support students in various fields such as teaching how to write resume and how to prepare for an interview.

  • Lee Tae Hyeon
    Lee Tae HyeonI work at Japanese bar. It is very fun to talk to the guests.
  • Tapa Shankar Taman Suman
    Tapa Shankar
    Taman Suman
    Food factory
    I separate each products for each shop. I care not to make mistakes because there are many shops.
  • Bat Dinesh Takari Yodesh
    Bat Dinesh
    Takari Yodesh
    I wash the plates of finished lunch boxes.
  • Nguyen Doan Ba
    Nguyen Doan BaI work at Udon restaurant. I make udon and wash dishes.
Daily life

There are special staffs only for supporting students' life at Nishinihon International Education Institute.Those staffs help you to submit documents to Fukuoka Immigration or ward office, to open bank account, to find new apartment after leaving the dorm, and so on. Also, they would help you if you got in a trouble in school life such as sickness and injury.

One day of some students

Introduce our current students' real life!
Please take a look at our students' campus lives, those who live in the dorm and those who live alone.

Living alone near Ohashi station!2B Class Name : Baniya Naresh/Enrolled in April, 2015. He is a hard working and honest student.

Living at student dorm,