School fees・scholarship

List of school fees

School payment

School payment

About dormitory entrance fee This school is a boarding school.

About dormitory entrance fee

School payment

  • 1. Payment should be made in advance by the appointed date after "Certificate of Eligibility" is issued.
  • 2. The second year tuition fee must be made to our bank by International transfer.
  • 3. Student will be advanced of suspension if the payment is not completed by the deadline.
  • 4. After issuing the “Certificate of Eligibility”, in cases of ① the visa application was refused and ② the student canceled his/her admission due to personal reasons after paying school fees, in either case, the application fee ¥136,000 will be collected and the rest of money will be returned to the payer himself/herself.
  • 5. The "Certificate of Eligibility" will be sent to the applicant or an agent or school once transfer of tuition fee was confirmed.
  • 6. Transfer must be made to designated bank account of Nishinihon International Education Institute.


About scholarship

Those students who perform good academic records and attitude have a chance to receive scholarship. Scholarship can help students to live in Japan for financially and mentally, also those students can be models for other students.

LSH Asia Shougakukai Scholarship

Lee Su Hyeon tried to help the person who fell down to the rail way at JR shin-okubo station and died. His father donated the gift of money to his son and established LHS Asia Shougakukai.Those students, who attend class every day and have a good attitude toward study, will be selected and given 100,000 JPY while they study at Japanese language school.

Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students

There is the election from students who perform good academic record, good attitude toward study, high attendance rate, and are planning to move up to college or university with their own private money after graduating from Japanese language school. The elected person receive monthly 30,000 JPY for 1 year while studying at Japanese language school from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Designated bank account

Designated bank account