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Message from the principal
Be global business persons through Japan

Principal Miyata Chie
Principal Miyata Chie

The world situation changes every year and the needed things change every year. However, I guess "education" is needed anytime although the contents might change. This school offers not only just Japanese language education, but also Japanese rule, manners, and etiquettes to help students achieve their dreams. I am sure that our students can open their chances of career in the future. There are students from over 10 countries especially from Asian countries. In this international environment, students can experience other cultures and have opportunities to understand each other. I believe this environment will let students be global business persons. Please come to our school having a big dream, to those who would like to study abroad to Japan. And to their family in their mother country, don't worry to send your child to our school. We will support them with all of our best.

Educational ideal / Educational goal

Educational ideal

Originality Ingenuity Challenge International communication/1. Nishinihon International Education Institute formscomprehensive Japanese school which is useful for international society.1.  Nishinihon International Education Institute lives up to educational activity in pre-college student's position.1. Nishinihon International Education Institute always suggests new educational curriculum.1. Nishinihon International Education Institute trains cosmopolitan through dialogue and contract. 1. Nishinihon International Education Institute tries human growth through challenge to educational goal.

Educational goal

1. No doubt, to substantially strengthen the language learning, as a systematic language education institute including the Japanese culture and customs, social background, understanding the Japanese language and Japan shall be our education goal. 1. As school goal is to create international persons, this school offers school management and unique education that can deal with various changes of international needs. 1.  We do our best to achieve 100% education continuance rate with career guidance and study guidance for each individuals. 1.  We focus on knowledge and life guidance to like in Japan, and offer satisfying Japanese life.

Attractive points of this school

  • Reliable staffsWell-trained staffs and teachers /Teachers who are familiar with the needs of Japanese companies make fun classes. Those who had actually worked in other counties support students as special staffs for part-time job. Staffs who can deal with students from any countries give them guidance about life and manner politely.
  • Incredible recordsWe produced about 6,000 graduates over 24 years./Students can receive good education based on the 24 years history. The record having produced about 6,000 graduates and the network will work usefully even after students graduate. Students can study with fun because of the original curriculum and class placement depending on each student's level.
  • Inner-city campusInner-city independent campus and safe students dormitory/You can spend student life in inner-city of Fukuoka. Each class has the latest digital equipment. The student dormitory, which has safe security system, is located in within 15 minutes place by bicycle.
  • Students are from all around the world like Asia and Europe! The most international school in the western Japan/We accept students from Europe(Netherland) for 3 months from every April as well as Asian countries. Seeing students from various countries talk in Japanese is very heartwarming. In addition, we accept short term students from Korean and Indonesia as well.
  • Cafeteria where you can hear many languages and see many smiles/Many students gather at the cafeteria during break time and lunch time. This is the place of international exchange as you see students eating delicious food, students exchanging their lunch box with their friends, and students enjoy talking with drinking tea.
  • Let's study together! Starting life in Japan! ~Entrance ceremony~/We have entrance ceremony 4 times a year. We celebrate starting study abroad life in Japan and cheering up each other in the entrance ceremony. In the after-party of the entrance ceremony, freshmen deepen a friendship with their teachers and classmates having Japanese food.
  • Experience Japanese mind and history! Only here impressing culture experience/Students join “Hakata Dontaku,” festival of Fukuoka citizens, which has 400 years history, as “Dontaku-tai”(dancer). In addition, students who become 20 years old attend “coming of age ceremony.” There are other events such as pottery class and calligraphy class, so students can learn and experience Japanese traditional culture.
  • It is possible to go on to Japanese public university! The special curriculum for going on to college and university /Our school is one of the largest Japanese language schools in Japan, which was built 24 years ago. We offer our original education program thanks to long experience. Also there are special classes for Examination for Japanese University Admission and special kanji class to achieve students' dream in Japan. In addition, special advance class is going to open in 2017 for those students who would like to go on to public university.
  • Regional exchange- communication with local people/There are some opportunities to communicate with local people. For example, international students make their traditional food in the festival which is held near school dormitory. Also, both Japanese people and international students introduce each other about their countries and culture in the nearby junior high school.
  • Field trip-Experience modern Japan!/There are many field trips such as Japanese facility tour, beer factory tour, and sport festival.